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Why I think Attack on Titan just plain Sucks...
When I was young I loved Anime like a religion: Dragon Ball Z, Inuyasha, Yu-yu Hakusho, Bleach, Yugioh- I was obssesed with it. But of course being young, I tended to overlook a lot of problems and annoyances that these manga's/Anime's had, but of course that's mainly natural for young Kids/young Adults, they don't like thinking too hard about things, mainly cause they don't have the cognitive ability to think on a high intellectual level.
But now as I'm 21, I've noticed Anime has changed into a completely different animal than it used to be. Anime today I notice tends to be more about sexual ploys, fan service, and just ape shitting the viewer and hoping it sticks, and because of it I fell out of it when it comes to modern anime, now I know some will say "Oh you are just one of those guys who think the olden days are better!" to automatically dissuade my argument , but please, hear me out.
Now I don't think ALL anime today is horrible like the above statement might imply, however I fi
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Russel Z
I like drawing and writing. I draw lots of Touhou fan art (well, actually, I'm starting off).

I'm currently working on drawing moar Touhou fan art.

Favourite genre of music: Eurobeat
Favourite style of art: 3D Arts
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Sony Walkman
Favourite cartoon character: Touhou characters
Personal Quote: I have too many favourite quotes.
:iconthelol: and I are drawing a Touhou Poster as part of a big fan art thingy. (It was my idea).

Our progress on it is excruciatingly slow, but we'll have the finished product done soon (maybe within the next year or so, haha)

Also, I'm excited for college and whatnot. But first, there's still a few weeks of summer left...
And I need to get a certain possession (Pokemon Cards) back from a certain someone who stole them from me >_>

Yeah, second journal entry I've written, as well.

Oh, speaking of writing, I have officially begun working on my second novel, "The Hourglass of Eternity," which is a sequel to my first published novel, "The Sword of Volundr."
Really excited to see were writing this book will take me and my characters.

If any of you are interested in my first novel, you can download it (for a low price of $6), or check out an excerpt for free at


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